Gia Cat Du’s standard Lotobet betting method makes bookies scared

Lotobet is one of the online lottery genres but has many advantages compared to traditional lottery forms. That’s why more and more people try this subject. Today, Nhà Cái New88 will guide you How to touch Lotobet Standard ensures continuous winning like bamboo cover.

A brief introduction to Lotobet betting methods

Surely many longtime bettors are no strangers to the game Lotobet. However, some beginners may wonder what kind of game this is.

In fact, the gameplay of this game is quite similar to playing lotteries and lotteries. However, its spins are extremely fast, within just 3 minutes the player knows whether he won or lost. Some common bets in Lotobet include:

  • 5 crystals
  • Late fourth
  • Trung tam
  • Second money
  • 1 row of fixed numbers,…

Share how to bet on Lotobet to ensure you win every time

To be able to catch a touch accurately, first you need to understand what the meaning of a touch is. This is the way of hitting that folk people call “hugging”, which can be hugging the head or hugging the butt. That means when you find a beautiful number, for example the number 5, hitting 5 means you will choose a set of numbers that includes the number 5.

Instructions on how to bet on Lotobet according to the total special prize

This method is extremely simple, you base it on the special prize of the most recent session. Then add the total together until there is only 1 number left, then bet on that number for the next session.

For example, in the previous session Lotobet had a special prize of 92845, we took 9 + 2 + 8 + 4 + 5 = 28. We continued to take 2 + 0 = 10, then 1 + 0 = 1. So the number The most beautiful number for the next session is 1. Now you should hit 1, including numbers like 01, 11, 21, … 10, 13,… to play for the next session.

Catch lucky numbers based on khan lottery

This method of catching Lotobet touches will be a bit more complicated because it requires players to collect statistics and analyze data. Accordingly, you need to summarize the results of the prize draw within a certain time frame. You can choose by frame 10, 20 or 30 most recent sessions. Then look to see which numbers have not appeared in the summary of those sessions for a long time. Then, select that entire group to play for the next drawing session.

For example, you collect statistics from the last 20 lottery sessions and discover that numbers 95, 29, and 50 have never appeared. So when you play these 3 second numbers right away for the next session.

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How to catch Lotobet Over/Under Even/Odd

This is a betting method that many people choose when playing Lotobet. Accordingly, you can combine the numbers Over – Even, Over – Odd, Under – Even, Under – Odd to make bets for the new spin.

However, the important thing is when to choose which set of touch numbers? According to research fromNew88 The sign to choose how to play lies in the special prize results of the most recent session.

If you add the total numbers in the special prize together to get Over (From 5 – 9) and the special prize is an even number, then you immediately hit Under – Odd.

Conversely, if the total number is Under (From 0 – 4) and the special prize is an odd number, you bet Over – Even.

An example to make it easier for you to understand: Lotobet special prize in the most recent session is number 92743. You add the total 9 + 2 + 7 + 4 + 3 = 25, continuing 2 + 5 = 7 is the total Over. And the number 92743 is also an Odd number, please bet on Under – Even for the next session.

Find the winning numbers from the special prize

A method that is also applied by many Lotobet players is to catch special prizes. As everyone knows, the special prize structure consists of 5 numbers, so many bettors choose the middle number of the special prize as the touch for the next betting session.

For example, in the current session, the special prize is 83509, so you should touch 5 to play a new spin. Although the method of implementation is extremely simple, the effectiveness is very high.

How to catch Lotobet thanks to a test spin at the bookmakerNew88

An extremely modern feature of a reputable betting playgroundNew88 What is offered to all players is Lotobet’s test spin. Accordingly, please register, log in and access the Lotobet lobby to experience.

In each round, click Try Spin and record the results. When you get a sequence you like, use these numbers to play for real. The effectiveness is considered by many players to be extremely surprising.


Above is a summary How to touch Lotobet extremely effectiveNew88 share for everyone. Please research and apply flexibly to each specific case. Wishing everyone good luck and winning all the money from the house!


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