How to Make Your BB Cream Last All Day?


The use of BB creams has grown ubiquitous in the world of makeup and beauty products because of its ability to provide a perfect, natural finish. These multitasking solutions provide a range of benefits for the skin as well as a sheer coverage, making them a popular choice among a lot of people. On the other hand, maintaining a youthful appearance with your BB cream throughout the day can be difficult. In this post, we will look into efficient ways for ensuring that your BB cream remains there, thereby giving you that glowing complexion from morning until night.

Why Does BB Cream Turn Yellow Over Time?

Before we get into the answers, let’s first discuss the reasons why BB cream has a tendency to lose its coverage as the day progresses. The progressive deterioration of your makeup is caused by a number of different things, including the generation of oil in your skin, humidity, the movements of your face, and environmental toxins. You need not be concerned, however, as there are a number of actions you may perform to increase its durability.

Establishing a Stable Foundation

Start by cleaning your face and then moisturizing it.

Begin with a blank slate or canvas. After you are finished, apply a Skin brightening moisturizer that is oil-free, non-greasy, and lightweight all over your face. A more even and smooth finish can be achieved when applying makeup to hydrated skin.

The Application of Primer

Priming your face with a product that contains silicone can do wonders for providing a smooth basis for your BB cream. It helps to fill in pores and fine wrinkles, which enables the BB cream to adhere to the skin more effectively.

Methods of Application for Increasing Longevity

The maxim “Less is More”

Keep in mind that the goal of using BB cream is to achieve a natural look. First apply a very thin layer, and then gradually build it up to cover any areas that need it. By doing so, the excessive buildup that is prone to creasing can be avoided.

Use Pats, Not Rubs

Use a light patting motion to apply the BB cream to your skin rather than rubbing it on in an aggressive manner. This aids in the product’s even settling and reduces the amount of disruption caused to the primer that lies underneath.

Putting in Place and Closing

A Powder That Is Translucent

By using a translucent setting powder, you can prevent the BB cream from evaporating while also soaking up excess oil that may develop over the day. Concentrate on the T-zone and other areas of the face that tend to shine.

Makeup Spray for Setting Makeup

Spray some setting spray over your face and gently pat it in to ensure that your makeup won’t rub off. Your BB cream will be protected from the damaging effects of perspiration and humidity by setting sprays, which create a protective barrier.

Upholding Throughout the Course of the Day

Blotting Papers (Blotters)

Maintain a supply of blotting papers close at hand in order to absorb any excess oil. This stops shine from building up without interfering with your BB cream’s effectiveness.

Keep your hands off your face and neck.

If you constantly touch your face, you may transmit oils and bacteria onto it, which will cause your BB cream to degrade more quickly. 

Adjustments Made at Midday

Bring Along a Portable

For easy touch-ups on the go, bring along a pressed powder and a brush designed for travel. Your BB cream will have a more youthful appearance as a result, and the texture won’t get cakey.

Combining Using One’s Fingers

If you find that the BB cream has creased or faded in any way, you should use clean fingertips to blend and smooth out the product. The heat from your fingers will assist in blending the component into a seamless whole.

Evening Precautions

The preliminary cleaning

First, remove any remaining traces of makeup with a mild micellar water before beginning a full-facial cleansing with your regular cleanser. This will make your regular cleanser more effective.

The Routine of the Evening

The next step in your program should be your evening skincare routine. A face that has been properly hydrated and pampered will be better prepared for the application of makeup the following day.

Additional Suggestions and Guidelines

Steer clear of excessive layering

The appearance of cakiness on the skin can be caused by applying an excessive number of layers of products during the day. Choose a method that requires less effort so that you can keep your cool.

Go for Formulations That Are Waterproof

Consider using a water-resistant type of BB cream that is meant to handle moisture if you are going to be in an environment that is likely to be humid or if you tend to sweat a lot.

Blotting on a Regular Basis

Create a routine out of gently blotting the area every several hours. This minimizes the formation of excessive oil, which, as mentioned above, might reduce the effectiveness of your BB cream.


Getting the desired result from your anti aging bb cream to last all day doesn’t have to be difficult. You may achieve a beautiful complexion that lasts from dawn to night by following these suggestions and implementing them into your everyday regimen. Keep in mind that the key to keeping your radiant look throughout the day is a combination of appropriate preparation, careful application, and a few quick touch-ups. This is the formula that will give you the best results.


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