Introducing ForwardX: AMRs Driven by Innovative Technology

A creative Chinese company, ForwardX Robotics, provides top-notch AMR products and warehouse automation solutions mostly utilized for in-plant material handling. The company’s AMR cluster scheduling system helps employees cut wait times and increase uptime while ensuring autonomous picking and handling items in the warehouse. This guarantees immediate communication between workers and robots, which boosts productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, ForwardX’s AMRs that are always in use help prevent collisions, equipment damage, and other safety risks in dynamic manufacturing and logistical environments. Take a deeper look at their AMR products.

Frontier Technologies and Products that Industrial Users Rely On

With innovative vision-guided AMRs, the top cluster scheduling system in the world, as well as global sales, service, and operation capabilities, ForwardX is not only the innovator and market leader of the fourth generation of mobile robots (vision-guided AMR) but also the No. 1 logistics and warehousing automation solution provider in Asia in terms of shipments and market share.

Freeway for Efficiency

ForwardX has introduced flexible automation picking solutions for the logistics sector that, by utilizing a “one person picking multiple vehicles, one vehicle to multiple people, and human-vehicle convergence” working model, significantly increase picking efficiency and reduce the need for picking staff.

The advantages of those working models with AMRs include “fast deployment, zero-cost migration, adaptive business, quick start-up, and minimal learning costs,” making them the most useful, adaptable, and comprehensive warehouse scenarios among automation options. With the help of ForwardX products, picking efficiency increases by a factor of two while costing only half as much.


Technology innovation is accelerated by market demand, and AMRs are the newest, most flexible solution to address multiple traditional warehousing pain points simultaneously. Visit ForwardX‘s official website for more details on the AMR products they proudly offer and the efficient scheduling systems that accompany them.

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