Quickbooks: Is It An Admirable Online Platform For Freelancers?

Freelancers are self-employed and bosses of their own time, business and project to choose. If you are a freelancer then you must know how much you have to do from finding clients to managing your work. This can be a difficult task especially if you are a newcomer. You must find ways that help you to maximize your chance of success.

ccounting is one of the processes that you need to manage efficiently. Instead of dealing with things manually, you can rely on efficient accounting software such as Quickbooks. This can be good accounting software, especially for freelancers where a light plan is needed.

The given article describes Quickbooks, and its associated pros and cons so you can decide whether you should choose it or not.

What Is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is cloud-based accounting software that offers its services online for small to light businesses, self-employed persons and freelancers. The interesting thing about this software is that it comes in different levels for the users based on their size and format of business.

You can put your freelancing business in a good position by choosing a plan from Quickbooks. Moreover, you are allowed to switch plans or products whenever you need them according to the progress.


If you are a freelancer then the following are the advantages that you can get by  using Quickbooks:

  • Provide Fast Payment

By using Quickbooks you can get your payment online at a faster rate. It will manage all your payments and if needed pay automatically by saving your time.

  • Easy Bookkeeping

It reduces the stress and the workload at the time of tax. The mobile app can keep records of all the receipts and track mileage that you can check whenever you need.

  • Deep Insights

You can get cash flow insights by connecting your credit card and bank accounts to Quickbooks. It also provides you with a profit and loss or a balance sheet report by just doing a single click.

  • Managing Tools

It offers some interesting tools such as inventory management, cloud accounting, time tracking and payment processing. These all tools are enough for automation accounting.


Altho it is a good software for freelancers, there are some limitations such as it does not have enough customisation scope. Additionally, it does not provide any no-time tracking functionality to the users.

Do Freelancers Need Quickbooks?

Some people think that Quickbooks are only for big businesses but this is not true as it is available for any size of business and they have different plans for different businesses.

By using Quickbooks a freelancer does not only do the tasks speedily but also saves his or her time and makes better decisions. So we can say that it is what can help you to grow your business today.


For efficient account management, a freelancer can rely on online working tools such as Quickbooks. It is cloud-based accounting software that provides a lot of interesting and advanced features that will help you to keep records and deal with payments without putting in much effort and time

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