Revolutionize Your Solar Power Generation with Sungrow PV System

In today’s world, renewable energy is gaining significant momentum, and solar power is leading the charge. As individuals and businesses continue to prioritize sustainability, Sungrow offers an innovative PV System, the SG3400HV-MV-30, that maximizes energy efficiency and reliability. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking turnkey solution and explore the immense benefits it brings to solar power generation.

Introducing the SG3400HV-MV-30 Turnkey Solution

The Sungrow SG3400HV-MV-30 is a turnkey station designed for a 1500 Vdc system with an integrated MV transformer. This cutting-edge solution is available in Australia and boasts advanced three-level technology, ensuring high yields and an impressive inverter efficiency of up to 99%. With effective cooling mechanisms, this PV system operates at full power even in scorching temperatures of up to 45 ℃, making it ideal for various climatic conditions.

Additionally, the SG3400HV-MV-30 offers a BESS DC coupling option, enabling seamless integration with battery energy storage systems. This feature allows you to harness excess solar energy, store it, and utilize it during peak demand periods, further optimizing your energy usage and reducing dependency on the grid.

Sungrow – A Leading Brand in Solar Energy Solutions

Sungrow is a renowned brand in the solar energy industry, known for its commitment to technological innovation and sustainability. With a mission to provide clean and affordable energy solutions globally, Sungrow has consistently delivered cutting-edge products that surpass industry standards.

The SG3400HV-MV-30 is a testament to Sungrow’s dedication to excellence. It incorporates integrated zone monitoring and MV parameters monitoring functions for online analysis and troubleshooting, ensuring optimal performance and easy maintenance. The modular design and convenient external touch screen further enhance user experience and reduce downtime.


Unlocking the Power of PV Systems for Sustainable Energy Generation

Investing in a Sungrow PV System offers significant advantages beyond its exceptional efficiency and reliability. The SG3400HV-MV-30 is designed to save costs throughout its lifecycle. Its 20-foot container design reduces transportation and installation expenses, while the DC 1500V system minimizes overall system costs.

Furthermore, the SG3400HV-MV-30 includes an integrated MV transformer, switchgear, and LV auxiliary power supply. This comprehensive solution eliminates the need for additional components, streamlining installation and reducing complexity. Additionally, the “Q at night” function provides flexibility by allowing reactive power control during nighttime operations.

Sungrow’s Impressive Cases of Various Residential PV System Projects

Sungrow has successfully implemented various residential PV system projects around the world, showcasing their expertise and commitment to renewable energy solutions. One such project is the 6.6kW residential PV project in Goonellabah, NSW, Australia. This installation provided homeowners with a reliable and efficient solar power solution, reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources and promoting sustainability. In addition to the project in Goonellabah, Sungrow has undertaken residential PV projects in Australia and Germany, demonstrating their ability to adapt to different climates and market demands. Furthermore, Sungrow’s installation of a 4 kW residential PV plant in Hefei, China, further expands their presence in the residential sector and supports the country’s transition towards greener energy sources. These projects highlight Sungrow’s dedication to driving the global transition towards a more sustainable future and enabling homeowners worldwide to embrace renewable energy.


Sungrow’s SG3400HV-MV-30 PV System revolutionizes solar power generation. With its advanced technology, high efficiency, and comprehensive features, it is the ideal choice for individuals and businesses looking to harness the power of the sun for sustainable energy generation. Embrace Sungrow and join the renewable energy revolution with their exceptional PV System.


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