Here you can read the perfect tips for a sustainable New Year’s celebration. Celebrating New Year’s Eve is great fun with enjoyment – this year, for most, there’s less stressful preparation and cleanup involved. Say goodbye to stress and junk and celebrate the new year with enjoyment.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with fireworks?

For some, it’s simply part of celebrating New Year’s Eve, for others it’s environmental pollution and a waste of money – we’re talking about fireworks. There is no question that fireworks look beautiful. However, it is also undisputed that New Year’s Eve fireworks cause very high particulate emissions.

The more people watch fireworks together instead of firecrackers themselves, the lower the fine dust pollution remains. From a hill, a tower and with a little luck from your own balcony you have a great view over many fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

After the sale of fireworks and firecrackers was banned the last two years, the sale is allowed again in 2022. This is to prevent injuries and the associated burden on hospitals. Fireworks are available in many stores just before New Year’s Eve. Find out here where firecrackers are allowed and where not.


On New Year’s Eve, toast with delicious organic drinks. Cheers! Many people celebrate New Year’s Eve with raclette and cheese fondue. To make sure your feast is free of synthetic chemical pesticides, serve organic produce instead. Seasonal, regional products are also good for the environment. Vegetarian and vegan fondue side dishes are tasty, environmentally friendly and animal-friendly. The turn of the year at midnight is traditionally sweetened with homemade doughnuts. Depending on your taste, you can serve organic beer, organic wine and unusual soft drinks such as selosoda or ginger lemonade. Since the eye eats with you and paper cups cause a lot of waste, use tableware and proper glasses.


When celebrating New Year’s Eve, you can use leftover wax from Advent to pour wax. Have you ever consulted an oracle about what the future might hold? On New Year’s Eve, this is a tradition in many households: because many celebrate New Year’s Eve by pouring lead. However, lead casting is quite harmful to health: lead and the corresponding vapors can damage the central nervous system and impair intelligence, warns Stiftung Warentest. Since 2018, the sale of products with a lead content higher than 0.3 percent has been banned in the EU. The lead content of lead casting sets was as high as 71 percent in a 2018 study by Stiftung Warentest. A less questionable and equally fun variant: wax casting instead of lead casting. Whether wax or lead can predict the future at all remains questionable. What is certain is that it is simply fun to interpret the creations and oracle together.


Relaxed New Year’s Eve celebration means a relaxed start into the new year. Some people plan months in advance how the last evening of the year should look like. This sometimes even creates the pressure to perform, to have to experience something particularly great in any case – New Year’s Eve then means a whole lot of stress!

Don’t let yourself go crazy: Your New Year’s Eve will be especially beautiful if you celebrate it in a close circle with someone who is especially important to you. But it’s also good to celebrate alone: The main thing is that you feel good about your New Year’s Eve!


Every year, fires and injuries occur on New Year’s Eve. If you take a few safety precautions, you can prevent the worst. It is recommended the following: 

  • Keep windows and doors closed and move balcony furniture and plants to a safe place the day before.
  • If you celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks: store fireworks in a safe place and set them off only outdoors.
  • Protect your ears with earplugs.

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