How can you use art in your classroom

How can you use art in your classroom

Art adds so much to the world. As a teacher, you know the value of art and how it can spark delight in your students. Use these methods to bring art directly to your pupils today.

Understanding Art Terms

One of the most important issues in art is helping students understand the kind of terms used in the art world. These particular concepts inform what artists do and how they do it. For example, the art world has a highly focused vocabulary you want your students to master. Terms like shading, impasto, and the Impressionists and Art Deco world help students understand what they’re learning.

Other Subjects

Another wonderful thing about art is that it can be used in other ways. First, integrate art into other subjects. For example, working with other teachers can help you develop a thoughtful plan that reaches into everything students do in school. For example, 5th grade writing practice can be part of your focus on art in the entire curriculum. Using Adobe Education Exchange lets your students explore varied types of art themes on their own as they write.

Varied Types of Material

The process of creating art means working with varied types of media. That includes paint, pencils and other items such as paper and cardboard to create lots of wonderful pieces. Help students get a feel for the kind of artwork they can produce by bringing in many types of material to see what they can do with it.

Let Students Role Play

Role playing is one way for students to grasp the evolution of art over time. For example, students can take on roles from many timeframes, allowing them to do things such as put on plays that take characters from varied art periods and bring them to life.

For example, a student might take on the role of a Renaissance artist as they come up with new methods to use light and shadow on the canvas. Students can engage in the process of showing off what an artist might have done at the turn of the century to engage in art. Creative play like this immerses students in the world of art.

Display Student Art Projects

Students love showing what they have learned about art to parents and peers. Put up space in your classroom for them to bring in their work. A few bulletin boards are one way to add lots of detail to your student’s workspaces.

This is also a way to add inviting color and life to all parts. It’s also a way to let your students know that you admire their work. Make sure each piece of art is hung correctly up and well lit.

Self expression via art is one of the most beautiful things in life. Encourage your pupils to engage in art in your classroom.

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