Pogo Pin Connector Manufacturer—Pomagtor

Pogo pin connector was created to increase the number of connectors available on your device and make charging easier. And Pomagtor is a professional manufacturer of pogo pins.

How It Works

Pogo pin connector is a spring-type probe formed by rivet of four basic components, namely plunger, tube, spring and housing, through high precision equipment. The pogo pin connector is a small, easy-to-use connector that makes it easy to connect the pogo pins to other devices. The connector has gold-plated contacts and can be inserted into any of your pogo pins.


The bottom of the pogo pin’s plunger is usually a bevel structure. The bevel structure ensures that the pogo pin keeps the plunger in contact with the inner wall of the tube as it works. The current is passed primarily through the gold-plated plunger and tube to ensure the pogo pin is stable and has low impedance. The connector is made of durable metal and plastic and comes in two colors – black and silver.

Manufacturer: Pomagtor

The connector allows for an easy and quick connection between pogo pins, making them easier to use. As a leading domestic customization company of magnetic suction connectors, Pomagtor has rich experience in pogo pins manufacturing.


With a board-to-board connector that uses pogo pins there is no manual alignment necessary. Parts can be quickly assembled while having a great flexibility in terms of assembly order.

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