Tips for Buying Cinema Seating Furniture

Are you setting up a big cinema theatre? Are you looking for comfortable seating for your audience? There are several points you must consider while shopping for a cinema recliner in the EU. The seats in the cinema halls and multiple multiplexes all over the EU provide innovative design seats and audience-friendly recliners, and these seats have a reclining back and footrest. You can adjust them to suit your choice and watch the movie at a proper angle. The recliner seats have armrests that are also adjustable to viewers’ comfort—cup holders are common in these recliner seats, and many manufacturers have started including snack holders.

Overall, the purpose of the recliner seat is to offer maximum comfort for the audience to relax and enjoy the cinematic experience.

The History

The cinema industry in Europe is more than a century old. The industry has seen many revolutionary changes and experiments by the greatest of great movie makers. The Lumiere brothers (French) were the first to invent photographic equipment to create motion-picture cameras and projectors. The film’s first public screening also happened in Europe—it was made with Auguste and Louis Lumiere’s Cinematographe and was held in Salon Indien du Grand Cafe in Paris (28 December 1895).

It was the beginning of the cinema industry. William Kennedy Dickson (Scottish) invented the first motion picture camera while working under Thomas Edison.

From here, the cinema was commercialized and soon spread across the world and with time got better and better.

Things you must consider while purchasing cinema seatings

When setting up a theatre, you must follow the rules and guidelines set by the European standards and your local authorities. But, the seating arrangement and features are typical everywhere, and they are listed below:

Comfort and material

The comfort of the audience must be your priority. The recliner may look good, but the comfort cannot be judged by just looking. You must try it out and check the quality of the material used in manufacturing. You also need to check whether the recliner can be adjusted without any issues, and it doesn’t get stuck or uncomfortable while adjusting.

People of all heights and sizes must be able to sit and relax in the recliner.


When it comes to commercial theatres, the durability of the seats must be high. If you compromise on the durability and go for the looks, these seats may not last long. There will be people who use these seats in a rough way/manner, and children are no different. Hence, the durability of the recliner is essential. Buy seats from the manufacturer who guarantees at least five years of warranty on the seats.


You can’t compromise on the price if you need a quality product. But, don’t go for extravagant seats; instead, choose the manufacturer who guarantees the best quality and comfort and not just looks. The appearance does matter, but in the darkness of the theatre, people don’t care much about the looks but the quality and comfort. Many manufacturers offer huge discounts when you buy seats in large quantities. This information will make your search for a cinema recliner in the EU easier.


Your seats need to have a cup holder and a snack holder—these are the basic features people look for in a recliner. Automatic/electric recliners are popular in premium theatres. You can opt for those if you want to offer a premium experience to your audience. Charging socket, QR code to order food, and an assistance button are some of the accessories you can arrange in your recliner.

These tips will help you find the appropriate piece and provide an excellent audience solution.

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